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Gasbuggy were born in the unlikely environs of Colchester in the late 1990s. They traded a brand of spiky pop that, with the passing of time, sounds a lot more pop than it does spiky. Like a lot of things at that time, it was all over just as soon as it had begun, but they left behind one album, 'Flex Appeal', which constituted the majority of their live set. It was recorded in a weekend at The Dairyman's House studio in Kent. It gained a limited release and no small amount of affection from those who heard it. The band might have gone on to bigger things if the lead singer hadn't gone and broken them up. As a wiser man once said, some people need to knock over their sandcastles whilst others are content simply to know that they can.

For a short time, they were Richard Bennett (sang and played guitar), Alex Coxon (sang and played guitar), Stuart Carey (sang and played the drums), and Liam Bowden (myth and bass and legend).

  • Flex Appeal