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# Artist Title Format Release Date
Side 2 Various The First Annual Outsideleft Hardy Annual Trade Paperback 2006-03-28
Side 3 Alex V. Cook Darkness, Racket and Twang Kindle | Trade Paperback 2006-05-22
Side 4 The Disco Scooters From Mud to the Moon Cassette | mp3 2012-06-29
Side 5 Kirk Lake Last Night at the Sands mp3 2012-07-29
Side 7 Chris Connolly Every Day I Atrophy Kindle 2012-12-01
Side 8 Ron & Nancy The Neighbourhood Freaks EP 7" Vinyl | mp3 2013-04-08
Side 9 Ron & Nancy Chad mp3 2013-04-09
Side 10 Prehistoric Man Prehistoric Man in the Library mp3 2013-04-10
Side 11 Ron & Nancy I Don't Recall the Songs of Ron & Nancy mp3 2013-04-10
Side 12 Ron & Nancy The Neighbourhood Freaks More mp3 2013-04-10
Side 13 Commodore Meniscus Tired Eyes, Fragmenting Skull mp3 | Cassette 2013-04-19
Side14 Various AR/AF/KL go DT CD 2013-05-08
Side15 Commodore Meniscus Tired Eyes Fragmenting, Skull (Exclusive SideCartel "Weissmuller" CASSETTE edition) Cassette 2013-07-09
Side16 Big Defender Now The Establishment All Know Our Name mp3 2014-06-09
Side17 Gasbuggy Flex Appeal mp3 2014-06-09
Side18 Big Defender Turn The Hourglass mp3 2014-06-09
Side19 Ancient Champion A Song For Older Skins mp3 2018-01-08
Side20 Ancient Champion Sextet - Six Stories About Motoring Nowhere paperback, kindle 2018-01-18
Side21 Ancient Champion (Even for Second Generation Suedeheads) It's Been a Long Shift mp3 2018-02-19
Side22 Ancient Champion Remember Anton From The Factory? He Was Alright mp3 2018-03-26
Side23 Ancient Champion When I Open My Mouth I Wish The Sound of Someone Great Came Out mp3 2018-06-22
Side24 Ancient Champion There Was No One Else I Could Tell mp3 2019-05-10
Side25 Ancient Champion Sunset Conversation, Early in the A.M. mp3 2019-06-07
Side26 Ancient Champion Cacophonie Nocturne sur Sunset Blvd mp3 2019-06-07
Side27 Ancient Champion Frisky mp3 2019-09-23